Devran Ayakkabı Sanayi A.Ş. is founded in 1982, it's main area of work is producing and marketing men and women shoes.

The company produces it's own brands like Pedro Camino and Best Club as well as brands it is licensor of in Turkey like Beverly Hills Polo Club in it's own factory. Devran Ayakkabı makes it's production in 5.000 m2 closed space, has ISO 9001 2000 Quality Certificate and produces high quality shoes. The factory has 120 workers and production capacity of 1500 pairs per day.

Devran Ayakkabı attends to Istanbul AYMOD, Milano MICAM, Dusseldorf GDS, Moskova MOSSHOES, Kiev LEATHER SHOES and Dubai MOTEXHA fairs which held every year. It exports 50% of it's products to many countries including United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, India, Israel and middle east. Remaining 50% are sold in select stores and shopping centers in Turkey.

Devran closely follows world fashion, offers best service to it's customers with it's technology that upgraded every year, and with leadership of it's Italian modelists and technicians.

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